Advance Plus Trading Co. Ltd
  • Sample Availability & Policy
    The samples are available, and will be dispatched by express couriers, air or post upon the customers' requirements. The delivery fee is paid by the clients.
  • Guarantees/Warranties/Terms and Conditions
    One-year guarantee starts from on-board date One-year replacement guarantee.
  • After Sales Service
    We guarantee one-year warranty for products.

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Advance Plus Trading Co. Ltd
4F, No. 53 Juyuanzhou
Jinshan Development District
China 350002
Tel: +86  (591)  83765166  /  +86  (591)  83817021 
Fax: +86  (591)  83058055   
Mobile:  +86  13338281652

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Key Contact
Mr Wei David
General Manager

2nd Factory
Tashan development District
China 350002
Tel:  +86  (591)  88076086   

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